Money Manifestation, Quantum-Theta Candle: Manifest more money, wealth + success quickly & without delay

Anything is possible in QuanThe (Quantum-Theta.) As with all things, money is a form of energy. When you are congruent with what you desire and you are a clear vessel for receiving, money, success + wealth can be yours, sometimes in an instant. 

Candle Quote: “I now open my mind to the Infinite Possibilities of Manifesting Money knowing that when I step into absolute faith, all the money, success + wealth that I desire will be delivered.”

Triad: Works well with Infinite Possibilities, Instant Manifestation + Miraculous Results.

This listing is for (1) Quantum-Theta Charged Candle. Each candle includes instructions on how to work with your candle and a one-time activation/attunement designed to help you with your manifestation mastery process.